Cutting of various materials using plasma and water jets


Cutting of various materials using plasma and water jets

Cutting Technology:

Gremmer Constructie has extensive knowledge in the cutting of all materials.
We use plasma and water jet cutting and we also combine the use of these techniques. For example, by cutting the outer contours with plasma and the holes with water jet.

We have a solution for every problem.
Feel free to contact us and ask about the possibilities.

Cutting is always done on the basis of AutoCAD files (DXF, DWG).
We can also scan sketches and photos and convert these files to CNC.

Water Jet Cutting:

  • thicknesses up to 180 mm
  • high accuracy + 0.1 mm
  • positioning accuracy: + 0.02 mm/m (repeat accuracy: + 0.015 mm)
  • cutting table 4,000×2,000mm

The following are a selection of the materials that can be cut:

  • stainless steel, steel, aluminium, titanium, bronze, high-alloy nickel-steels
  • glass (annealed), marble, granite, ceramic
  • homogenous timbers
  • leather, rubber, plastics, textiles, foam
  • gasket / sealing materials

Plasma Cutting

  • thicknesses up to 30mm
  • welding edge preparation up to 45 degrees
  • cutting holes < than 1.5 times the material thickness
  • tolerances according to EN ISO 9013 402: 2003 edition, table 7, class 2
  • table size 12,000×3,000mm

Materials that can be cut:

  • stainless steel
  • steel
  • aluminium